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Mammography and PACS configuration
PACSPLUS MammoQC is a quality control station that automatically generate symmetrical 2on1 stitched images. Without complicated handling, PPMammoQC dramatically increases the speed of image display and storage capacity of typically high-volume of breast images.
Easier to use
Automatic trimming : By providing automatically cutting of the unnecessary space, PPMammoQC not only saves storage space, but also increase speed by upto 50%.
2 on 1 stitching : Automatic alignment of two nipples and stitching simplifies complicated hanging protocol process into a easy & automated click.
Advanced feature and options
  • Easy and fast search though all images from all modalities.
  • Non-Linear LUT offers higher quality image in wider view which results in more clear image.
  • Auto Image QC remembers configuration value of certain images and apply automatically reducing amount of technicians manual work by 80%.
  • Tele-radiology support enables you to setup Tele-radiology system at low cost.
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