“PACS-as-a-Service” paradigm

  • Paradigm shift! “PACS-as-a-Service” archive using cloud (PACSPLUS Cloud)
  • Cloud computing is a now common solution with high scalability of infrastructures, software, and applications, according to a “Pay-per-use” business model.
  • This architecture uses the cloud to setup medical image data repositories and can have a great advantage for healthcare institutions by reducing IT infrastructures.
  • All medical images and data are encrypted and stored in a cloud server making it secure to use.(Security)


Cloud Gateway

Upload Dicom images generated by medical equipment to the cloud.

Cloud Viewer

Provide HTML5 standard-based worklist and image reading viewer function.

Cloud Infrastructures

Provide all over the world through linking with AWS (Amazon WebServie).

Full SaaS

Freemium(Free+premium) service & subscription, Pay-per-use based usage billing.

RBAC(Role based access control)

Access permission setting function according to user type.

AI platform & AI Eco-system


PacsPlus Cloud pricing Table

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